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Orthodontist San Diego Ca Amazing and Effective Application of Orthodontic Braces to Many Orthodontist

Orthodontist San Diego

Having straight teeth is important. Having a misaligned teeth or out of place teeth can somehow affects an individual's smile as well as cause problem in chewing and talking. Often times, a misaligned teeth may result in having pain and discomfort due to the way the jaw is lined up. And because of the unusual spacing in between teeth, misaligned teeth are exposed to cavities since they are hard to brush the dirt. People having this problem need a dental specialist called orthodontist. They are dental professionals who are experienced when it comes to treating bad bites and other dental problems. One method to correct bad bites is to undergo an orthodontic treatment with the use of dental braces.

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One of the application tool used by most orthodontist are dental braces which greatly helps in correcting the alignment of the teeth as well as in positioning the teeth properly when it comes to bad bites and at the same time developing the health of our teeth and gums. Many patients had their braces when they were younger and some of them wore braces in their adult years. A person may think how things happened throughout the process, how a clumsy and crooked smile turned into an elegant one with perfect and healthy teeth. Most patients can also see and feel their teeth move over the course of treatment.

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Braces used by most orthodontist can be made of four basic parts: brackets, bonding, arch wire and elastics. Brackets are made up of metal wires which is basically used as an attachment to each tooth. Bonding refers to the material that attaches the bracket to the tooth. An arch wire is a thin metal wire that runs from bracket to bracket. And in over and under bite cases, the use of an elastic may be recommended. It is the elastic responsibility to direct the jaw and teeth to its desired position as it adds more pressure to keep the teeth aligned as well as add more tension.

Braces are effective tools used by most orthodontist in correcting bad bites. Orthodontic braces work by using brackets that are glued onto your teeth. These brackets have small slots in the front surfaces of them and it is into these slots that the orthodontic wires fit into place. These wires are held in place by small elastic ties that fit around the brackets. Throughout the process, these wires exerts pressure on the teeth and move them into their designated places. The brackets that most orthodontists use these days are not all the same. Our teeth actually vary from each other in size and shape. Each of these brackets is custom made for the particular tooth it is supposed to fit on. They also differ in thickness and the slots where the arch wire fits in are just enough for it to pass through. After the teeth have become straight and the braces have been removed comes the final step which is the use of a retainer. It is the retainers task to keep the teeth aligned and in position as the bone becomes strengthens itself to be able to support the teeth.

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