Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Care For Chickens In Your Backyard

Since you have not raised hens before then you probably want so information. Raising chickens is starting to become more common and more people are starting to join. Some people want chicken because they want a family pet or they want eggs every morning. Having them only as pets may be less common. Backyard chickens are not as popular as a dog but it is starting to become more common. I remember want to care for chickens after reading a webpage at I wanted to get my own chickens because I wanted to have farm fresg eggs.

How to Raise Chickens in Your Yard - What you Will Need to :

Do you know the chicken laws in your town? You can ask around to see if there are any laws restricting you from having chickens. I veiwed the site here to help me find out what the chicken laws were in my town. Chicken zoning laws are always different in every town. I know that some towns don't even allow chickens. You should always find out the zoning laws, even if you see someone else raising chickens. So just double check before you decide to get invested in this job.

Do you really have sufficient living space? Having ample space for your chickens to run around is critically if you want to raise chickens in your yard. Two square feet of floor space and three square feet in the outside run space is required for an adult chicken. If you decide on getting a poultry enclosure the typical height is about 3 feet.

You can see more articles about caring for fowls in the article I placed above. There is great information for newbie chicken owners.

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