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Best Orthodontist In San Diego Healing Dental Illnesses by Seeing Your Orthodontist

Best Orthodontist In San Diego

An orthodontist is a dentist that mainly specializes in straightening the teeth with things like braces. The solid, white thing found inside the mouth is what we called teeth. They are our aid in the chewing process of food. The process of breaking down and crushing the food so it can be eventually swallowed and pushed down through the stomach is what we refer to as chewing.

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Teeth and jaws that are aligned can create a good smile. What is most important is that when your jaw and teeth are straight, chewing food may be a lot more easier. Orthodontists treat kids for many problems, including having crowded or overlapping teeth or having problems with jaw growth and tooth development. When you are having tooth decay or lose your teeth in the early stage or having poor habits like thumb sucking can lead to having tooth and jaw disorders. They will examine your teeth, mouth, and jaws. They may advice you to start some treatment or tell you that your teeth and jaws are okay. An orthodontist basically corrects our teeth alignment problem with the aid of braces, headgear and retainers. Brace is usually attached to the teeth and is made up of metal wires. A headgear is a metal wire that may attach to teeth and the neck or head. Retainers are made up of a removable wire and plastic. Orthodontist may also pull teeth, or perform surgery.

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Best Orthodontist San Diego

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Sometimes the orthodontist may recommend that you have one or more teeth removed to create more space in your mouth. In cases where teeth removal is advised, the oral surgeon may provide you with medicine to give you ease while undergoing the procedure. Once your braces are on, you may be advised to pay a visit to the dental professional. It's important to remember that you still need to get regular dental checkups during this time to have your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. In some occasions, they may just do some inspections to make sure that your braces are in the right place. To help in having your teeth in the right position, they may do some adjustment on the braces in some of your visits. They may demonstrate to you the proper wearing of you rubber bands, a helpful tool in correcting the alignment of your teeth and is basically stretch between two teeth. In some cases, some dental specialist may advise some kids the need to wear other devices, such as headgear. You may have seen kids who have headgear, which gets its name from the fact that it's worn around the head. Headgear uses a horseshoe-shaped wire, which attaches to back teeth. It is designed to apply pressure that pushes the back teeth back, allowing more room for teeth in the front of the mouth.

While wearing braces or other orthodontic devices may cause you to feel uneasiness. To lessen the uneasiness which is mainly caused the sharp spots on the braces or the rubbing against your mouth or gums, some orthodontist may recommend the use of wax.

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