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Orthodontist San Diego Ca Aiding Dental Illnesses by Seeing Your Professional Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dentist that mainly specializes in straightening the teeth with things like braces. The teeth are hard, white thing inside our mouth. They are our aid in the chewing process of food. The process of breaking down and crushing the food so it can be eventually swallowed and pushed down through the stomach is what we refer to as chewing.

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A beautiful smile can be obtained when you have aligned teeth and jaws. What is most important is that when your jaw and teeth are straight, chewing food may be a lot more easier. Orthodontist basically treats children with dental problems like overlapping or crowded teeth as well as those who has problems in their jaw growth and development of their teeth. When you are having tooth decay or lose your teeth in the early stage or having poor habits like thumb sucking can lead to having tooth and jaw disorders. Examining the teeth, mouth and jaws are what they most do. They may let you know that your teeth and jaw are healthy or suggest that you need to start a treatment. Braces, headgear and retainers are just some of the materials used by orthodontist to correct the alignment of our teeth. Brace is usually attached to the teeth and is made up of metal wires. Another metal wire that is usually attached to the teeth and neck or head is the headgear. Retainers are made up of a removable wire and plastic. In some cases where it is required, orthodontist may also perform tooth extraction and surgery.

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There are occasions when an orthodontist will advice that one or more teeth should be removed to cater the need for space in the mouth. Some dental specialist will advise you to take some medicine that will help you be comfortable throughout the procedure, especially in cases where tooth extraction is advised. Once your braces are on, you may be advised to pay a visit to the dental professional. It's important to remember that you still need to get regular dental checkups during this time to have your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. In some visits, they may just do routinary checks just to make sure that your braces are located in the right place. On other times, they may do some adjustments on the braces to help get your teeth into position. They may provide you with instructions on the proper way of wearing your rubber bands which are stretch between two teeth and eventually helps in correcting the alignment of your teeth. In some cases, the use of other devises such as headgear may be recommended on some kids by some dental specialist. You may have met some kids using headgear around their head. A headgear is a horse-shaped wire which is connected to the back of the teeth. It is designed to apply pressure that pushes the back teeth back, allowing more room for teeth in the front of the mouth.

While wearing braces or other orthodontic devices may cause you to feel uneasiness. There are some orthodontist who will give you wax so you can use to relieve you from the bothersome feeling caused by the sharp spots on the braces or the rubbing against the inside of your mouth or gums.

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