Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Four Effective Techniques To Improve The Memory

Retaining of processed contents is one important function of the brain. As information is being processed, the brain keeps a record of them. Certain things may be happening at the time that the brain is recording the processed contents so people need to think of those too whey they try to remember. Distractions may occur while the brain records the information resulting to the wrong recording of contents. There are several memory improvement techniques which bring our focus to what we want to retain and cause us to correctly absorb it in our brains. One way how to improve memory power is to eat peanuts.

This technique is one of the oldest and widely used to improve retention.
For those who would like to retain information better, they may practice this technique. Contents may be divided into several parts that are easier to learn and understand. This is an effective way of teaching children to understand concepts and lessons. They may put the chunks or the sounds together and come up with a specific word that represents the concept. This can be an effective way to memorize social security number and other information. The set of the 9 numbers may be divided to follow a certain format. Retaining and recalling of the information becomes easy especially when it is organized. Stay mentally active it helps you how to improve your memory.

Rhyme, Rhythm, Repetition, and Melody
People can make use of rhymes to help them memorize information effectively. People may be able to remember details especially when they are connected or associated with common things around. Often it is paired with a melody and rhythm to further aid our retrieval. An example of an effective combination of rhymes and melody is when small kids learn their ABCs through the tune of their favourite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Studies indicate that individuals may take several rounds of repeats especially the information that they have to memorize.

This technique is employed by taking the first letters of words in a list or in a series to be remembered and creating a word from them. People can use this technique as a guide especially in math where the correct sequence of operations is needed when solving problems from multiplication and division to addition and subtraction.

Write a List
Making some lists will serve as a guide for those who need to remember all things that should be accomplished. The lists that are made should be pinned or placed in strategic areas so people will not forget what to do next after each task. People may also choose to simply create a master list of every task that they have to accomplish or they may also write down what they think they need to do on a whiteboard which they may review later to finalize.

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