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Hammond Clinic Munster In Getting Instant Treatment from Minor Burns With the Help of Urgent Care Clinics

Hammond Clinic

Nowadys, there are many urgent care clinics available in many communities that can cater the needs of most patient for treatment for minor health problems. These types of facilities provide more convenience to most patients since they are always available and consultations and treatment can be done in a walk in basis. Their medical staff are well trained to provide the immediate and appropriate medical care needed by each patient. These clinics are not actually built to replace your visits to your primary health care provider or emergency rooms, but it is a viable option if your want to get an immediate and quality care your needed for minor health issues.

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Hammond Clinic Munster

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Many patients do trust the doctors working in most urgent care clinics when it comes to treatment for minor injuries like burns. Once contacted with heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight and radiation, the skin's tissue becomes damaged which we called burns. Burns can cause swelling, blistering, scarring and, in serious cases, shock and even death. Once the skin's protective barriers are destroyed, infection in the skin may take place. Burns that only affects the top layer of the skin is called first degree or superficial burn. Partial thickness or second degree burn are those that which causes damage and penetrates into the underlying layers of the skin. As the skin's damage penetrates into all layers of the skin, this causes the full thickness of third degree burns. A fourth-degree burn additionally involves injury to deeper tissues, such as muscle or bone. For third and fourth degree burns, damages caused to the skin can be very severe and may require the use of high grade medical equipment in emergency rooms, so patients must be rush to the nearest hospital.

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Hammond Clinic Munster

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Doctors working in most urgent care clinics can provide their patients with the necessary treatment for minor burns. First degree burns are those in which only the outer layer of skin is burned, but not all the way through while a second degree burns occurs when the first layer of skin has been burned through and the second layer of skin called dermis is also burned. Doctors may prescribe the use of simple pain relievers for first degree burns. Cooling with tap water may help relieve pain and decrease damage. Doctors may also recommend the use of over the counter pain relievers to provide their patients fast relief from pain. Antibiotic creams may also be recommended to prevent yourself from acquiring infections.

Most of the time, minor burns can heal without further medications. They may heal with pigment changes, which can mean that the healed area may possibly have a different color from the surrounding skin. It is necessary to be alert for any signs of infections such as increased level of pain, redness, fever, swelling or oozing effects. And in cases where an infection possibly develops, seek help from a doctor in one of the urgent care clinics nearby. Avoid things that may cause your skin to be damaged again. Redamaging your skin can cause more discoloration in the affected part. It is best to use sunscreen within a year of treatment.

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