Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dentist San Jose CA Indications and Prevention of Tooth Deterioration

Tooth erosion is merely of the dental issues people are experiencing. It does not take wearing down of the teeth enamel caused by the use of acid in our mouth area. The tooth enamel, the hardest substance from the body, is made of tough calcified tissue that handles and protects the exterior part of the teeth.

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Read on and we'll take a look at a number of practical tips.

Actually the saliva in our mouth contains some calcium which helps in the strengthening and re-mineralization of the teeth. However, this process involving re-mineralization can be hindered if you have a large amount of acid within our mouth. Soda pops and pure veggie juice contains great amount regarding acid thus leading to tooth erosion.

Teeth erosion actually occurs in different phases. Early on symptoms of tooth break down are tooth staining, tooth sensitivity, circular teeth and see-through appearance. The discoloration of the tooth usually occurs when the dentin of the tooth becomes exposed during tooth erosion causing its yellowish appearance. As the dentin becomes more exposed, the more the yellowish the tooth becomes.

The particular exposure of the dentin could also cause tooth awareness as the tooth enamel that protects your tooth wears away. Through the early stages of the teeth erosion, it is predicted for the teeth to get a rounded look. Despite the fact that it is uncommon to view this symptom in the first stage, some enamel may have a transparent physical appearance.

Tooth erosion or even paid attention can in fact cause severe harm to your teeth. However, you can prevent tooth erosion from ever happening with some simple tips. After eating acid foods or ingesting acidic beverages, rinse-off your mouth with h2o to neutralize a good acid in your mouth.

After consuming acidic food items or beverages, watch for at least an hour just before brushing your tooth. This will allow the enamel to re-mineralize after some coverage from acid. Make use of straw when ingesting carbonated beverages and other sweet drinks that are considered acidic. Using straw enables the particular liquid to go directly to the back part of the oral cavity rather than washing the idea over the teeth. It is advisable to swallow the citrus liquid quickly as an alternative to holding them with your mouth.

It would be greater if you avoid fizzy drinks and ingesting or drinking nice foods and drinks. Always use soft brush to avoid hurting the gums and use tooth paste that has fluoride. Fluoride is an essential chemical in toothpaste that helps in reducing the level of sensitivity of the tooth. Nibbling sugar free nicotine gums can also be a great help. Eating gums actually raises the amount saliva which can be important in the re-mineralization method in the mouth.

Due to the fact tooth erosion can be caused by different factors, it is crucial to consult your dental practice when experiencing the early on signs of its incident in the teeth. The dentist can actually give you advice with proper treatment as well as the proper looking after of your teeth to stop the worsening of the condition. This unwelcome oral problem can sometimes be prevented with appropriate hygiene and choosing your diet.

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